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Our team at Vocational Media Group specializes in Amazon SEO services – the art and science of optimizing a product listing page to rank in the organic search results on Amazon.

Many years back, when Amazon was more of a retailer than a 3P marketplace, there wasn’t much of a need to consider optimizing a product’s listing page for the search results – or a need to hire an Amazon SEO agency at all. Back when Amazon was simply selling directly to consumers it did not matter to Amazon which product the consumer bought. It only mattered that the consumer bought a product. To that extent, we might consider that Amazon still feels the same way today. They don’t really are which 3P brand a shopper purchases, so long as they purchase one.

But you care. As a business owner, or brand or channel manager, it indeed matters greatly to you if the customer purchases your product or a competitor’s product. As such, there is now a great deal of competition when it comes to ranking organically in the Amazon search results.

And as paid advertising costs continue to rise, while Amazon also continues to devote more ad space to paid advertising, its only becoming more difficult to rank organically. Indeed in most product categories you are not likely to rank well organically in the search results unless you dedicate specific, substantial time and effort towards Amazon SEO. Or hire an agency to do that for you. (hint)

Amazon search engine optimization is not a standalone activity. Within the Amazon ecosystem, each aspect of managing your Seller Central account effects the others. For example, if your PPC keyword targeting is spot-on, but your inventory is running low then customers will see longer delivery times and will convert at a lower rate. This means your PPC ACOS increases, and as your conversion rate decreases you’ll also find that your organic rankings fall as well. As such, the solution to improving your Amazon search engine rankings isn’t as simple as just hiring an Amazon SEO agency or an an Amazon SEO expert to do a one-time project. Instead, you need an agency that can manage, optimize and integrate every aspect of your Amazon channel. At Vocational Media Group, that is exactly what we do.

Now specific to Amazon SEO, below are just some of the activities our team will handle for you.

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Development & Positioning
  • Product Listing Optimization (Product Page SEO)
  • Pricing & Sales Promotions
  • Paid Advertising to Support Organic SEO
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Track & Monitor Keyword Rankings

Our team is more than just Amazon SEO experts though – we’re skilled and experienced at all aspects of selling on the world’s largest DTC ecommerce marketplace.

Ready to get started? You can either contact us for a quote here or read a bit more about our agency’s full-service Amazon FBA management here.

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Vocational Media Group is a digital marketing agency located just outside of Charlotte, NC. We specialize in full-service SEO for businesses looking to improve their presence in Google, as well as Amazon FBA channel management to include Amazon SEO and PPC campaign management.


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