Amazon FBA Agency Services

Amazon FBA Agency Services

Looking for an agency that can help your business grow sales and improve margins on Amazon Seller Central? If so, you’re in the right place!

Vocational Media Group has been helping brands to increase their footprint on Amazon since 2015. Our team thoroughly understands all aspects of running an Amazon business. Unlike most consultants, we actually have several of our own brands (and have sold a few too) so we know what levers to pull to minimize Amazon fees and maximize profitability.

Grow Sales on Amazon

Our primary focus is to grow your sales on Amazon. This includes both discoverability (both organic search and paid ad campaigns) and conversion optimization (imagery, listing copy, reviews). We can help you successfully launch new products on Amazon, as well as drive new life into existing skus.

Here are just a few examples of what’s included:

  • Increase Product Reviews – set up automated review requests, enroll in Amazon Vine program
  • Sponsored Advertising – run Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands ads, optimizing for lowest possible ACOS
  • Organic SEO for Amazon – optimize keywords in the listing to improve organic search rankings

Reduce Fees, Improve Profitability

There’s a saying that “sales are vanity, profits are sanity” and we believe that is absolutely true. As a firm that owns several FBA brands ourselves, we know that selling more units doesn’t matter if you are only breaking even (or worse). As such, our team works to position your product listings to command top-dollar, while also ensuring we efficiently manage your inventory, optimize for reduced fees, and reclaim any money that Amazon owes you for overcharges (happens way too often).

Here are a few examples of our fee control activities that we perform for every client:

  • Review fulfillment fees to identify potential instances of overcharges and submit reimbursement requests to Amazon.
  • Review inbound shipping reconciliations and request reimbursements for any related shortages.
  • Suggest potential new products and variations, as well as new bundling and/or packaging options designed to minimize fulfillment fees.
  • Inventory management – sending weekly replenishment reports and optimizing for

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