SOLUTION: How to View Daily Sales by Product via Amazon Seller Central

If you have more than one product for sale as a merchant using Amazon Seller Central, you may wish to view how many units/orders you are selling per day for one product rather than just all products combined. You can get this manually if you use the “Detail Page Sales and Traffic” report but to see each day like 5 on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, 11 on Wednesday, etc. you’d need to isolate each day and manually put into a spreadsheet or something. What a chore! I believe third-party tools like Hello Profit or Manage By Stats do this but I wanted my own.

New Easy Solution (circa 2021)


Old Solution (prior to 2021)

The solution is this… you can export your data and use a Pivot Table in Excel which will quickly plot the data the way you want it and give you all sorts of ways to slice and dice. I’ve modified mine to graph promotional sales vs. full-priced sales for a given product too, by day. Very useful. You can also choose one product and see sales each day for that product, then switch to another, etc. Most amazing thing ever. A Pivot Table can give you exactly what you want but you might not know how to use them. I will help…

Here’s how to actually do it:

1. Export your sales via Reports > Fulfillment > All Orders

2. Import that file into excel.

3. Create a new column on the very end called “order date clean” with this formula in it: =LEFT(D2, LEN(D2)-15) then copy that down. The “D” column should be the order date field but with time stamps, this will make it just the day without time stamp for easier reporting.

4. Highlight the whole sheet and select Data > Pivot Table and select “create automatic pivot table”.

5. Adjust the settings in the black box on the right. If you don’t see the box just click anywhere in the data table and it should pop up. I set mine up like this: FILTER has sales-channel, sku and order-status, ROW LABELS has order-date-clean (my name for the column in step 2. COLUMN LABELS says Values by default. VALUES box drag down either Orders or Quantity (or both).

6. Now adjust the dropdowns at the top and you can plot daily sales by one product at a time. Or combine a couple together, etc.

7. BONUS – Highlight the table and insert a graph to dynamically graph it out.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool now, only downside is that its static so you need to export and paste in new rows manually to update it. Certainly customize to suit your needs. We just wanted to post very specific steps in case anyone needed that.

Hope you find this helpful!

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