Seller Central: Removing an Account from your Dropdown Menu

The Amazon Seller Central platform makes it easy to manage your user account’s access to multiple different Seller accounts. This is quite handy for consultants and agencies who want to manage several accounts through one login – avoiding the inconvenience of logging in and out to each account. But unfortunately, Amazon makes it rather difficult to remove yourself from an account you no longer wish to access. Have no fear, in a moment you’ll know how to remedy this situation.

Let’s refresh ourselves for a moment on the steps involved when gaining access to another company’s Seller Central account.

  1. Firstly, they must add your account as a user.
  2. Second, you must accept the invitation. At this point you can access the account technically, but you can’t see anything because you have no permissions set.
  3. Lastly, the client must grant user permissions to your account. They can only do this after you accept the invitation.

So in the same way that inviting your account and adding permissions are two separate steps, the same is true when you wish to remove an account. Often, the other party will just delete all of your permissions (or change them all to “none”). But you are still left as a user on the account, and thus their account still shows in your dropdown menu. To remove it, you need to have the other party delete your user account from their list of invited users.

Here’s a little script I’ve used in the past if you want to copy and paste this to whoever needs to remove you from their account:

Could you login as the admin and go to Settings (gear in upper right) then User Permissions and see if I am still listed on your account?  Technically it looks like I’m still added just with no permissions. I’d prefer if you could just click “delete” and remove my access.  Then I think it will stop showing up in our dropdown (which appears when you are a user on multiple client accounts).


One more note on this… if you tried the above and it didn’t work, you might want to make sure you are checking users under “Global Permissions”. The way Amazon has it set up in Seller Central, sometimes users have separate credentials for regular (market-specific) permissions vs. Global (all Amazon countries/marketplaces) permissions.

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