How to Change (Edit) the SKU on your Amazon Seller Central Listings

Are you trying to edit the SKU on your Amazon listings but having trouble figuring out exactly how to do it? If so, read below as this post will tell you how to change the SKU format of the product listings in your Amazon Seller Central account.

So technically you can’t “edit” the Seller SKU field, but you can effectively change it with this workaround below. Note, however, that this requires you to pull the listing down for 24 hours. That means you’ll forfeit sales for that 24 hour period. For most products that aren’t huge sellers that generally is not a problem. But if your product is a huge seller there are other ways around this. They are more complicated and involve creating multiple listings which can be tricky if you are fulfilling via FBA. But know that it can still be done.

Okay with that aside, here’s how to change your Seller SKU on your Amazon listing:

  1. Go to Manage All Inventory and select the product.
  2. Click the actions dropdown in the upper left and “delete products and listings”. Confirm and complete this step.
  3. Wait at least 24 hours for Amazon’s system cache to clear out.
  4. Re-list the product in your account, this time with whatever SKU you want.
  5. The reviews and other listing details should match up within a few hours.

Below are a few FAQs related to this topic.

Does this actually delete the product from Amazon?

No. Technically a seller cannot delete a product listing from Amazon. All you can do as a seller is delete a product from your account. But the listing (along with its reviews, photos, etc.) is still there in Amazon’s database and will remain there essentially forever, whether you re-list or not.

Do I really have to wait 24 hours or can I just re-add the product right away?

You seriously do have to wait 24 hours for it to clear out. Sorry. We’ve tried though, it doesn’t work unless you wait.

The inspiration for this post

We just signed up a new client today and I had a little back and forth with our contact about the SKU format in their Seller Central account. The client was unaware that it is possible to change the SKUs on your Amazon listings.

I’m blown away. I feel like I’ve searched on this topic endlessly and never found this as an answer. Definitely will look forward to getting things corrected and synced up across platforms eventually.

– Client

Hopefully this little tip has been helpful for you as well!

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