Solved: Can you ship “Closed” ASINs via Amazon MCF?

Yes, you can!

If you have an e-commerce website (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce) and want to use the inventory in your Amazon Seller Central account (aka Amazon FBA) to fulfill orders, you hopefully already know that this is indeed possible.

Many e-commerce stores ship some or all of their orders to their customers via Amazon’s “multichannel fulfillment” (MCF) program. This is when Amazon will take units from your Seller Central account, and ship them to whatever customer address you specify. The fees are generally a bit more than when fulfilling an order within the Amazon ecosystem. But often the shipping cost is fairly competitive and the convenience of using Amazon essentially as a 3PL is also a nice plus.

But what if your product listing on Amazon is currently in “closed” status?

Can you ship products via MFC if your Amazon listing is closed?

This question recently came up from a client in our Amazon management service. For a rather specific reason, they wanted to have several of their product listings on Amazon in a closed status so that customers on would not see or purchase these products. But they still had inventory for these ASINs at Amazon’s FBA centers, and the client wanted to use that inventory to fulfill orders from their Shopify store. Is this even possible, they asked?

In turns out that yes, it is possible to ship MCF orders using inventory from a closed listing within Amazon Seller Central.

The closed listing status does not impact your ability to create an MCF order. You just do it the same way you would if the listing was active. We have tested this and can verify that the order ships and is delivered successfully, even with the product was in closed status. The “closed” status only applies to the product’s availability for purchase on, not its availability to ship via MCF.

Having trouble closing your Amazon listing?

Now this said, what if you are having trouble closing your listing on Amazon? In this example I referred to above, our client got an error message when trying to close their listing. The error message said:

Please note: To close listing, make sure the quantity is set to 0 for Merchant-fulfilled listings with a Business Price. Amazon Fulfilled listings with a Business Price will remain purchasable by business customers. To close these listings, please submit a Removal Order or delete the SKU (will result in stranded inventory).

That message reads a bit confusing and misleading. Our client thought they had to remove all of their inventory. But that does not apply to FBA listings. What was actually needed was to just remove the Business Price from the listing. As long as their is a Business Price tied to a listing within Seller Central, they won’t let you close the listing. If you delete the Business Price, and then wait 5 minutes for the system to update, then you are able to now successfully close the listing.

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