Amazon-Owned Private Label “House Brands” (List)

On this blog we frequently talk about selling private label products on Amazon. And even the idea of selling a private label brand outright. But there is another meaning of the phrase “private label” when speaking about Amazon. This is in reference to Amazon’s own house brands – i.e. brands that Amazon owns themselves. 

The most obvious Amazon-owned brands are “Amazon Basics” and “Amazon Essentials”. But there are several others as well. Scroll down for a short list of them.

What is a Private Label Brand?

Large retailers frequently sell their own private label brands.  Sam’s Club has its own “Member’s Mark” brand. Walmart has “Great Value” and “Sam’s Choice”.  Costco has “Kirkland’s”.

These are all brands that are owned by the retailer themselves, though they are produced for them by a third party factory.  Oftentimes it may be the same producer that is making other well-known name brands.  By having their own private label brand, the retailer can cut out the middle man and thus can earn a better margin and/or charge a lower price to the customer to drive sales volume.

List of Amazon’s Private Label Brands

Amazon is no different than many other retailers when it comes to the use of private label brands.  They have their own “house brands”.  The most obvious ones are “Amazon Basics” and “Amazon Essentials”.  Below is a partial list of some brands that you might not realize they own:

  • Pinzon: bedding and towels
  • Goodthreads:  men’s apparel line of both casual and businesswear attire
  • 365: grocery items, was originally part of Whole Foods which Amazon acquired
  • 206 Collective: shoe line for women and men
  • Mae:  apparel brand that sells women’s lingerie, underwear, etc.
  • Core10: athleisure for women
  • Happy Belly: snack food items
  • Wickedly Prime:  snack food items

Pattern has a good article discussing Amazon’s own private label brands in a bit more detail if you are interested in learning more.

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