Amazon FBA Businesses for Sale: Where to Find Them?

If you are looking to buy an Amazon FBA business then you’ll want to be resourceful and cast as wide of a search net as possible. Amazon FBA businesses can be very nice businesses to own – if you find a good one and know what you are doing. But they can also be risky and tie up a lot of cash if you buy a sinking ship.

Below I will discuss where you can find FBA businesses for sale. We’ll look at the pros and cons of sourcing deals from brokers versus marketplaces, and I’ll comment specifically on some of the more popular brokers and marketplaces as related to selling FBA brands.

Let’s jump in!

Online Marketplaces & Platforms

The first option that many buyers look at is a marketplace. Think of Facebook Marketplace but with less drama. Well actually the drama is probably the same 😉

Marketplaces are basically websites where a seller can advertise that their business is available for sale. Potential buyers can browse or search the marketplaces to see what is available, and then contact the seller with questions or to make an offer.

In many cases, the name of the business and specific details are confidential or anonymized on the public-facing listing, to protect the seller’s privacy. You’ll get a description, maybe the category of the product or brand, and the high-level financials as well as some additional points about the business. Generally after signing an NDA and qualifying as a buyer, you’ll get additional details so you know exactly what business you are viewing.

Below are some of the most popular online marketplaces for finding Amazon FBA businesses for sale.

BizBuySell is an online marketplace that mostly caters to traditional “offline” businesses. It also has a ton of smaller, lower-quality business listings and lots of franchise salespeople who are also fighting for your attention as a prospective buyer.

That all aid, BizBuySell is a huge website with a ton of listings and it is frequently used by many traditional business brokers to advertise their listings publicly. For this reason, it is the single largest database of currently active businesses for sale on the internet – so its hard to ignore.

Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes on this site. With its large volume of listings and its focus on offline businesses, it presents a potential buyer with probably the best change to find an undervalued FBA business for sale that you can acquire at a bargain price. Most other online business buyers don’t look here. You should.

Pro Tip: The search feature on the BizBuySell website is terrible. The site was originally designed thinking that people would want to navigate by broad categories and by physical locations (i.e. US state). And for the majority of their users who are looking for traditional, physical-location businesses perhaps this is useful. But if you want to find a specific type of business like FBA businesses for sale on BizBuySell then you are better off using this little hack below to use Google to search for all FBA listings on the BizBuySell website. Just enter this into your Google search box (or click):

Flippa is essentially an online-business focused alternative to BizBuySell. Like BBS, Flippa has a ton of listings – typically the largest number of specifically-online businesses for sale on the internet. This includes DTC e-commerce, Amazon FBA, niche content blogs, affiliate sites, SAAS, dropshipping ecommerce businesses and more.

Much like BizBuySell, the volume of businesses for sale on Flippa means its worth checking out. Even though you will have to sort through some lower-value listings, recently-penalized sites and overall just a lot of junk. This is also what makes it possible to find a diamond in the rough – a good FBA business for sale at a below-market price.

Empire Flippers has quite a different approach. They are sort of a hybrid marketplace and business broker. Firstly, Empire Flippers vets all businesses they list on their platform. This means you’ll find a smaller number of businesses for sale here, but also that you’ll waste less time – they all have a certain size, quality, viability, etc. Naturally you’ll still need to do your own due diligence, but the overall average business listed on Empire Flippers’ marketplace is quite a bit higher-quality and legit than what you’ll find on BizBuySell or Flippa.

The Empire Flippers marketplace also has a few really nice features for buyers. Firstly, they have really nice search and filtering options so you can narrow down what you are looking for. Secondly, all listings are presented in a similar fashion so you get numbers that you can compare from one listing to the next. Thirdly, once you qualify as a buyer you are able to instantly “unlock” listings to see the actual brand or company name. As a buyer of FBA businesses, simply reviewing the CIM is often not enough for me. I want to know the product niche and the brand name. No waiting necessary with Empire Flippers – I can unlock that within a few seconds.

I bought a content site through Empire Flippers a little while back, so I can speak from direct experience here. If memory serves, their approach is basically hands-off for smaller dollar listings and then a more full-service approach for larger dollar listings. Each listing has a broker who will serve as an intermediary, and guide you through the process. Again, this is more than what you’ll find on Flippa or BizBuySell – where you are simply put in content with the seller. But its not as much of a hand-holding experience for both buyer and seller as with a typical business broker.

Boopos is another higher-end marketplace where the deals are curated and vetted to a certain extent. In full transparency, I’ve never used Boopos so I can’t really comment on how good their listings and their service are. They advertise themselves as being similar to Empire Flippers so its probably worth a check. If you do use them, please share your experience so I can update this section.

Online Business Brokers

Whereas a marketplace is akin to DIY or self-service, a business broker is more of a full-service option. Think of how most people buy and sell houses – the buyer deals with a broker rather than dealing directly with the seller. With a business brokerage, you’ll deal with a listing broker initially and not directly with the seller. I actually prefer this, as it means I can ask tough and pointed questions up front without offending the seller. And often the broker is able to give a more clear picture since they aren’t as in the weeds of that business.

“Online business brokers” are just business brokers who specialize in digital or online businesses like e-commerce stores, content websites, SAAS businesses, and of course Amazon FBA brands. Because they specialize in these types of businesses, they tend to be more experienced when it comes to understanding the business model, the applicable financials, and they can speak the industry jargon. By contrast, a traditional (offline) business broker might sell businesses like HVAC companies, laundromats, restaurants and accounting firms. They are less likely to know the ins and outs of any specific digital or online business model.

So as a potential buyer, your first contact will be with the listing broker who is representing the business. That broker will know the answers to many questions you might have, and will coordinate with the actual seller for any questions requiring more detail or clarification. Once you are qualified as a buyer and are sure that you have strong interest in the business, they can then arrange for a call between you and the seller and they will of course “broker” those discussions prior (and following) an offer to buy the business.

Let’s take a look at a few online business brokers:

Quiet Light Brokerage is a niche business broker representing exclusively online and digital businesses. I’ve dealt with several brokers at Quiet Light over the years (Mark Doast, Joe Valley, etc.) and always found them to be sharp, helpful and ethical. They also put out a lot of online content (podcasts especially) which I’ve gotten a lot of value from.

Quiet Light operates much like a traditional, full-service broker just exclusively with online businesses – ecommerce, dropshipping, SAAS, content sites and of course Amazon FBA businesses. Their listings are vetted so you can trust you aren’t wasting time when you content them, unlike browsing listings on one of the marketplaces.

FE International is another well-respected online business brokerage run by Thomas Smale. They have a good number of listings of online businesses for sale on their website, and they are generally fairly responsive whenever I’ve contacted them to inquire about one of their listings.

Website Closers is yet another good option when it comes to online-only business brokers that I can personally recommend. I’ve not purchased a business from them but I have inquired about several and was treated fairly, respectfully and got answers to all of the questions I had.

BONUS: Also consider checking out FBA Flip. They are a little different than a traditional broker in that they contract with the buyer instead of the seller. They only list FBA businesses for sale so its worth getting on their radar, especially if you have specific criteria, so that they can reach out to you when they get a listing that is a match for you. I’ve dealt with David Davis II over there and he’s always been helpful, friendly and quick to work with.

Traditional Business Brokers

Most traditional business brokers haven’t ever sold an FBA business. If they have, it was likely a one-off. For this reason, most owners of Amazon FBA businesses tend to avoid traditional business brokers and instead pursue one of three options:

1) they hire an online business broker, who understands their business model and has a pool of relevant buyers;

2) they look to an online marketplace to sell their business themselves, generally to save the commission charged by a broker; or

3) they try to sell their business without help from a broker or marketplace. Generally that means they either have been approached directly by a buyer or they have approached someone who is a known buyer of FBA businesses (like us) or one of the large FBA aggregators.

The direct path can be an attractive option for a seller, in that they save on the commission that a broker would typically charge. But its a lot of work finding a buyer and preparing for sale, particularly if you are selling to someone who is not a professional buyer who knows what they are looking for and has an established evaluation and due diligence process. If and when you find yourself looking to sell your Amazon FBA business to an individual who is not a professional buyer, do yourself a favor and hire a broker!

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