Meet the team that’s got your back.

Jon Payne

Founder & Lead Consultant (Amazon, Google)

Jon is the lead consultant and works with clients optimizing on either platform – Amazon or Google. He also manages our own e-commerce brands and niche website properties. Jon has been in the SEO game since 2003, and has been selling on the Amazon 3P Marketplace since 2015.

Chris Day

Account Manager (Amazon)

Chris takes the lead on our clients’ Amazon accounts, helping them increase revenue and improve profitability on the world’s largest online marketplace. He’s a pro when it comes to listing optimization, product launches and promotional campaigns.

Marcus Moonie

Inventory & Fulfillment Manager (Amazon)

Marcus is our resident expert on all things inventory and logistics for our clients’ Amazon seller accounts. He helps ensure a streamlined supply chain from the factory to the end customer. Marcus knows how to save on shipping, improve Amazon IPI scores and make sure the trains run on time.

Jessie Ensong

Marketing Associate (Amazon, Google)

Jessie helps clients on both sides of our business. One minute she’s auditing a client’s Amazon fulfillment fees and submitting reimbursement claims, and the next minute she’s optimizing and publishing content on a blog. With an eye for detail, Jessie makes sure that VMG clients are always well-represented.

Jeffrey Portillo

Web Developer

Jeffrey is a versatile web developer with 8 years of experience in both backend and frontend development. With a strong background in optimizing websites and SEO development, Jeffrey brings a breadth of knowledge and expertise to his work. His skills and experience enable him to create websites that not only excel in functionality and design but also prioritize search engine optimization for maximum visibility and success.

A brief history of our agency

Vocational Media Group, LLC is a digital marketing company based in Fort Mill, SC (just south of Charlotte, NC). 

VMG’s quality-first websites will show you how to save money, organize yourself and find the ideal career for your unique skillsets and interests.  We’re a team of researchers, writers, growth-hackers and more simply just good folks who want to make a positive impact on the world.

We’re also for hire!  Well, sort of.  We work with a select group of clients to help them improve their online marketing and reach more customers at their point of interest.  We can help your website rank in Google, or increase your product sales on Amazon, and gain awareness on social media channels. 

Ready to get started?

Vocational Media Group is a digital marketing agency located just outside of Charlotte, NC. We specialize in full-service SEO for businesses looking to improve their presence in Google, as well as Amazon FBA channel management to include Amazon SEO and PPC campaign management.


Vocational Media Group LLC
2058 Carolina Place Drive
Fort Mill, SC 29708